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Surf Lessons

Want to learn how to surf? Need to improve your skills? Then you are at the right place! There is no country in Europe where the surf culture and mindset is more present than Portugal! There is a big variety of waves for all type of surfers to test out.


Only 30 minutes away from Lisbon, you will find one of the best spots to surf in Portugal: at our surf camp in Costa da Caparica! Join us from Cais do Sodré for a joy ride with our certified surf instructors. Get ready with a quick warm-up and then jump into the water to embrace the waves!


Join us for an unforgettable surf trip in Portugal and you will have to do is have fun!










Important information:


Duration of the tour:

5 hours


Meeting point:

For people coming from Lisbon, we will meet you at Travessa do Carvalho 33, in front of the Restaurant Latitude 38. It’s only few minutes away from Cais do Sodré, which you can reach by bus or metro.
For people coming from our surf camp, we will take the boards and go directly to the beach to catch the waves.


Program of the day: 

  1. Start from Lisbon to our surf camp
  2. Put wetsuit & sunscreen and take surfboards
  3. Go to the beach São João
  4. Warm up
  5. 2 hours of surf lesson
  6. Stretching
  7. Come back to Lisbon


  • 45€ per person from Lisbon. This price includes the transport, one 2 hour surf lesson and personal advice from the surf instructor.
  • 35€ per person from our surf camp. This price includes one 2 hour surf lesson and personal advice from the surf instructor. 


What is going to happen when the conditions for surfing are not good enough?

We will never let you surf if it’s dangerous! That’s why we reserve the right to modify the hours of the class or even cancel/postpone the lesson.

What should I bring?

You have to bring your swimsuit, sunscreen, water and something to eat to get your energy back after the surf session. 

Is there a minimum/maximum age to go surfing?

The minimum age is 7 years.
There is no maximum age as long as you wish to do it. We already gave surf lessons to 70 years-old women, for example; and she was great!

Is it a problem if I don’t really know how to swim?

You have to inform us about your exact level of swimming before the class. When it’s a mid-tide you could have a low swim technique. We reserve the right to refuse the service to anyone if we think there might be a risk; we care a lot about the safety of our guests.

What is the maximum of the people who want to do the surf class?

Our surf instructor can take care of maximum 5-6 people. We don’t exceed this amount per surf instructor in order to keep a high-quality teaching during our classes.

Are the groups separated according to the level?

No, we are used to work with small groups of people, so during your surf lesson you’ll have personal advice from our surf instructors. 

Can I bring my own gear?

For sure you can! Please let us know before your surf lesson if you intend to do so.

Where do I leave my belongings while I’m surfing?

Before the start of the surf lesson, we pass through our surf camp in Costa Caparica to take all the gear so you will be able to leave your stuff in the house.

What about insurance?

You are insured from the time we pick you up. Our vehicle is insured and during the surf class you are covered with our “Personal Accident Insurance” (Seguro de acidentes pessoais).

Is surfing good for beginners?

Our surf lesson plan is made for beginners (learning how to stand up & paddle, how to catch a green wave and do the first turn). 
We have many years of experience, we even can’t count the number of people who learnt how to surf with us!

Can we have a “family surf”?

Yes for sure! You just have to inform us and give us some information about your family members (age, number of children, etc...). We heartily welcome everyone!

Can handicapped people surf?

Yes! Everyone can. Our surf instructor has completed a course in teaching people with disabilities. Please send us a request for this information!