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Lisbon Metro Guide - All You Need to Know!

Lisbon Metro Guide - All You Need to Know!


The Metro in Lisbon is modern, easy to use and considered one of the most reliable and cleanest in Europe. It’s the quickest way to get around the city and to travel to and from the airport. There are four metro lines, covering 46km of track and served by 55 metro stations. The metro is open from 6:30 am until 1:00 am and there is typically a train service every 6-9 minutes.


This guide will provide all the main information about the metro system and its services.




Tickets can be purchased from metro stations, from both ticket offices or ticket machines. The ticket offices are always busy at the popular metro station or closed at the less busy metro stations. The ticket machines are user-friendly and provide instructions in multiple languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese. The metro fare is loaded to a “Viva Viagem” card, which must be purchased with the first ticket and costs €0.50. The Viva Viagem card is reusable and can be used for multiple tickets; single, return, one day pass, or 10 ticket journeys.
The 2019 Lisbon metro fare prices are:

  • €1.45 – Single.
  • €6.15 – 1 day (24h), which includes all Lisbon buses and trams.


Lisbon metro guide - Ticket Machine 2Lisbon metro guide - Tickets Machine





The Viva Viagem card comes in two colours! Suitable for infrequent users, it can be topped up with tickets and money (pay as you go ‘zapping’ credit).

Both green and white Viva Viagem cards have exactly the same functions, but cover different transport operators.


  • The green Viva Viagem card can be used in all member operators.
  • The white Viva Viagem card is not valid on Metro Transportes do Sul. If you want to use these operators, top up your tickets on the green card.



Lisbon metro guide - Viva Viagem Card



  • Choose ticket machines instead of ticket offices, as those are always busy and take longer.
  • When a ticket is purchased from a ticket machine a receipt is printed, always take this receipt in case there is an issue with your Viva Viagem card.
  • For each journey the card is used twice, to swipe into the metro station and out from the metro station. At the barrier, place the Viva Viagem card on the sensor on the right side and the barrier will open.  
  • Lisbon is quite a safe city but as with all public transport be aware of your surroundings and do not offer thieves the opportunity to steal your belongings. Better safe than sorry!
  • If travelling late at night sit in busy carriages and away from dodgy looking people.
  • Oriente and Rossio stations are also train stations and in both, you can find trains to Sintra.





There are four metro lines and they are conveniently colour coded:Lisbon metro guide - Map

  • Azul (blue): Amadora est – Santa Apolonia.
  • Amarela (yellow): Odivelas -Rato.
  • Verde (green): Cais do Sodré -Telheiras.
  • Vermelha (red): San Sebastiao - Aeroporto.












Lisbon metro guide - Metro Centre


Construction of Lisbon metro started on 7 August 1955 and the first service was on the 29th December 1959. The initial metro was just 6.5km long and connected Baixa to Jardim Zoológico. During the 1980s a loop of central Lisbon was constructed and in 1995 the network was split into two lines, the Blue Line and the Yellow Line.


In May 1998 a third line, the Red Line, was constructed to connect Alameda station to the exhibition grounds of Expo 98. In 2004 the Blue, Yellow and Green lines were further extended. An extension to Portela Airport was opened in September 2013 and connects the red line to the airport which then, in turn, connects to all other lines. This connection did cause controversy as the airport is scheduled to be replaced in less than 10 years. The Lisbon metro network is now served by 55 stations and covers 46 kilometres (25 miles).

For details, visit the Lisbon metro official website:

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